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Coaching Supervision

A common coach development practice and contracting requirement for many external coaches in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe, coaching supervision is fairly new practice in the United States. 

Coaching supervision is a form of professional development for coaches in which a coach supervisor partners with a coach or group of coaches to facilitate expanding self-awareness and greater mastery of their coaching practice.

Supervision differs from coaching in its multi-perspective approach, its focus on developing coach awareness versus achieving specific goals, the skill level required by the supervisor, and the tools, concepts and approaches that may be accessed in a session.

As one of the few Certified Coach Supervisors in North America, Barrett supervises individuals and groups of certified coaches in the United States, Canada and Europe.  She also works with organizations to educate, inform and assist them with the development of  coaching supervision programs for internal and external coaches.

Coaches often report achieving greater depth of understanding of themselves, their coaching practice, and clients, uncovering blindspots and realizing new awarenesses that increases their coaching mastery and practice development.  

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