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Client Testimonials


    Barrett was a great inspiration to me. Her coaching helped me to determine a new career path, become more assertive, and more self-aware.  I sought her assistance because I felt stuck where I was at professionally and I struggled with how to manage difficult situations and conflicts that affected my professional path. She also taught me how to navigate through difficult situations successfully! My self-confidence is through the roof because I have the tools I need to navigate through any challenge or road block effectively!  Thanks Barrett! 

    Cheryl Purifoy

    Director, UC Davis Washington Program


    I started working with Barrett McBride in 2015 as my first foray into coaching supervision. As an Executive Coach myself, I had worked with many coaches over the years but wanted to experience coaching supervision firsthand.

    Barrett brings an open, calm, thoughtful approach and is laser-pointed when needed. Through working with Barrett I have navigated challenges and opportunities both professionally and personally. One of the most powerful impacts of working with Barrett has been her insightful observations - she detects nuances and insights that I haven’t seen which helps expand my perspective and range of thinking. Tunnel or limited vision shifts into broader perspective and more choice in my response.

    One of the greatest gifts is her ability to create a space where I feel brave enough to look openly and deeply at my actions, thinking or behaviour without judgement. Challenging and inviting me in this way, Barrett has supported me to become less hung up in limiting beliefs and find new ways to be, feel and show up.

    It’s been an amazing experience working with Barrett which I plan to continue doing. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to expand as a leader and individual.

    Danae Johnson       

    I am a wellness coach who had Barrett as a teacher in my  Wellcoaches Coach Training program.  I was so impressed by the ease with which she led each class and with her coaching presence, which radiated a calm warmth.  It was obvious she had a lot of coaching experience and was very good at her work.  

    When I was looking for a coaching supervisor to give me guidance in my own practice, I immediately thought of Barrett.  My instincts were spot on: as a coach supervisor she continued to exude acceptance and warmth.  She helped me very much with the coaching challenges I brought to each session.   Her advice was excellent not only for that particular situation, but it also improved my coaching skills in general.  I remember listening to Barrett in class and thinking at one point, How does one possibly get so wise?  

    I also appreciated that when I asked a business question of Barrett, she was always willing to share what worked for her.  This was very helpful and I implemented several of her excellent suggestions. 

    I benefited greatly as a coach and a businesswoman from having Barrett as my supervisor.   

    Alexandra Paul 

    Owner, Alexandra Paul Wellness Coaching


    Barrett McBride is an accomplished teacher and coach.  We recently asked her to provide a webinar for our team of coaches, and our experience was incredibly positive.  In our beginning conversation, Barrett worked with me to understand our coaches and their training needs.  She then delivered a wonderful presentation that was on-point, engaging and interactive.  She brought concepts home with a wonderful coaching demonstration.  Her online presence was friendly and open.  The evaluations for the class were some of the highest we have seen:  the majority of coaches strongly agreed that Barrett’s material was easy to follow and clear, that Barrett herself was a clear and engaging speaker, and that they would apply the skills they had learned to their work. 

    Personally, I found Barrett warm and fun and enjoyable to work with, and I would recommend her highly. 

    Billie Jo Hance, BS, CHWC, CPCC, PCC

    Product Manager, Wellness Coaching

    Premise Health

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