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Health Care

Barrett McBride & Associates has extensive experience working with health care providers, health law service providers, pharmaceutical companies, health technology professionals, and health policy advocates.

Health Care Providers

We have a long history of working effectively with heath care providers.  Among the services we provide:

  • Coaching senior leaders in health care organizations
  • Organizational development consulting and facilitation in administrative restructurings
  • Development of change and change management initiatives
  • Acting as liaison between clients and health care trade associations for program development

Health Law Service Providers

Barrett has worked with a prominent health law firm client for more than 20 years as the firm's external Director of Business Development & Communications. In this capacity she:

  • Facilitates retreats and monthly meetings of the firm's Business Development Committee
  • Oversees strategic marketing collateral development of the firm, including website, newsletter, webinar & seminar development. 
  • Handles media relations 
  • Facilitates and advises on department strategic planning efforts 
  • Coaches individual attorneys of the firm
  • Represents the firm in building relationships with health care provider associations

Pharmaceutical Corporations

Barrett McBride & Associates consults with leaders and facilitates team building and change management programs for international teams.

Health Technology Professionals

Barrett provides coaching services to professionals and leaders working in the field of software technology development. 

Health Policy Advocates

Barrett coaches health policy advocates. She is a former registered California lobbyist who represented health care providers and national health care organizations before the California Legislature.

Prior to starting her own firm, Barrett championed a health care publication in California that was the first of its kind to cover litigation, legislation and regulation specific to California.  A core facet of that publication was an editorial advisory board of health law leaders across the state. From that advisory board she developed client relationships that continue more than 20 years later. 

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